Waltham/Boston: Brandeis University

Aus einer E-Mail vom einladenden Steve Dowden:

„We are pleased that you’ll be able to come to Brandeis for a performance this coming October 30. We have scheduled your performance for 4pm on that Thursday (in 219 Shiffman Hall) on the Brandeis campus. We’d also like to take you to dinner afterward. I teach a course on European modernism in which we study among other things dada, with some concentration on Kurt Schwitters and his Ursonate and his Merzbau. Perhaps you’d be interested in joining us for class that day from 11-12 and lunch afterward. The class is also in Shiffman Hall. My students will have read most of Richter’s dada book but not yet Schwitters. In my view the more you do with Lautgedichte and the like, the better. The students will mostly know only English.“

Mehr Informationen über das Deutsche Department: